About our Business Translation Services

About Lingmo and our Business Translation Services 

Helping you Understand The World with Customised Business Translation Solutions

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Lingmo International’s AI translation software seamlessly translates content giving businesses the flexibility to reach global audiences.  Our customised business translation services are trusted by global businesses because of our high accuracy and contextual understanding across 80 languages.     Our multilingual solutions, that leverage artificial intelligence and smart machine translation software are trained to recognise industry specific terminology across both text and audio platforms. Lingmo’s scalable solution can be used to translate a variety of content, chat, calls and messages into different languages.  

Artificially Intelligent Solutions

Lingmo focused on delivering AI Multilingual Software

We pride ourselves in delivering native quality translation solutions for business and perfecting languages before they are released. Our in-house development team work seamlessly to keep our cloud based Artificial Intelligence technology at the forefront of machine translation innovation. We don’t store or retain any client data we believe that should remain safely in our customer’s hands.  These core values enable Lingmo to offer a significant point of difference.  

Customised Solutions

Business translation services customised for your needs

By focusing on offering a customised solution we provide tailored digital multilingual solutions to overcome individual customer challenges. The high majority of our enterprise customers work with us because our developers build a solution specifically for them. Our expertise in digital translation enable us to offer more than a ‘one-stop-shop’ language translation approach but most importantly,  allow us to build report with our customers and focus on their specific challenge.

Some of the business translation solutions we have helped build include training customer’s specific industry-focused terminology, configuring our RESTful API to integrate with custom-built platforms and working with global brands and their innovation teams for new product releases.

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History of Lingmo International

Lingmo International was started in Sydney Australia in 2016 to disrupt the machine translation industry. Our vision has always been to develop translation products that add value to our target market. As we continue to innovate our products, our focus shifted to providing customised translation solutions for enterprise. In 2018, we launched a new range of enterprise focused products that benefit businesses who market to foreign speaking countries and consumers. Today, Lingmo’s AI translation software and services are used around the world and enable Realtime multilingual communication.

Customised Translation Services for Enterprise

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