Australian Start Up Lingmo Challenges Global Players with new Voice Message Translation Software


Australian Start-Up Lingmo Challenges Global Players with new Voice Message Translation Software Embedded on the Smartwatch

From plumber to tech-preneur, Lingmo International expands AI translation services with launch of voice messaging software on smartwatch

Sydney, Australia – 7 Mar 2018: Emerging Australian start-up, Lingmo International has today launched Talk2You, a voice messaging translation service available exclusively on their new smartwatch, Time2Translate (T2T). The smartwatch can be purchased today with delivery in April to anywhere in the world.

Voice messaging is fast becoming preferred over text, having already outgrown text messaging in both China and Argentina through apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. With more than 6.1 billion voice messages sent every day through messaging apps in China alone, Lingmo’s Talk2You brings translation to the burgeoning voice messaging market, enabling up to 1,000 users to converse in a group chat across nine of the most widely spoken languages. 

Lingmo’s market leading software processes translations via IBM Cloud to the languages supported by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence technology, including Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Arabic and English. These nine language represent 90 percent of the world’s most commonly spoken languages in business.

Co-Founder and CEO of Lingmo, Danny May, who will showcase the technology at IBM’s THINK 2018 event in the United States this month, says voice messaging is rising not only in the consumer market for social interaction, but in China as an example, the top two reasons for using messaging apps is for team collaboration and professional networking. 

“In the past, translation capabilities by computers were restricted by the systems translating word-for-word, which frequently resulted in miscommunication as they could not interpret the context of the word in the phrase or sentence,” said May. “By enabling Lingmo with AI technology we break down that barrier and edge towards human parity for translation accuracy.”

The new intelligent wearable comes off the back of Lingmo’s rapid rise to success following their launch of Translate One2One last year, the world’s first AI translation earpiece to hit global markets. The earpiece sold out within 16 days and is now being used in 36 countries.

The largest market for Lingmo’s earpiece has been USA, closely followed by Brazil, Spain and then China and France.  The most common language combinations have been between Spanish/English, Brazilian-Portuguese/English, English to Japanese, French to English and Chinese to English.

Lingmo’s largest B2B market was in Brazil and Colombia whereas USA and France comprised the largest B2C market share.

May added “Understanding where Translate One2One has been used and metrics around translation speed and accuracy helps us further improve our technology and with the learning benefits of AI, we’re able to continue to advance Watson’s translation capabilities.”

The product is available to purchase today for delivery in April. Go to


About Time2Translate (T2T)

Developed by Lingmo leveraging IBM Watson language translation capabilities, T2T is a fully independent wearable that does not requires a Smartphone to operate but instead is run on a Nano SIM. It offers the following features:

·         Tri-Band GSM frequency

·         Can be used with Wifi Connectivity

·         New Press-to-Talk feature allowing the user to talk for up to 32 seconds

·         Ability to connect to Bluetooth Speaker ideal for conference settings or group discussions

·         User feedback translation accuracy of above 85% with fast translation speeds

·         In-built speaker and microphone

·         GPS, heart monitor and pedometer

·         Android OS with the ability to make phone calls, browse the internet, send and receive emails and SMS, plus more, including download apps

T2T comes in two style choices:

·         T2T Executive – Premium Stainless Steel Smartwatch with Leather Band

·         T2T Lifestyle – Contemporary Smartwatch with Silicon Band

About Lingmo International:

Lingmo International is a leading edge Australian technology company making its mark on the global language translation industry, through the development and implementation of revolutionary custom built AI software capable of translating across voice and text platforms.
Continued innovation of its technology is key to Lingmo’s expanding suite of specialised product and service offerings to provide superior solutions for the retail and commercial sectors.
For more information on Lingmo visit to

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