Lingmo’s COVID-19 Support Initiative

COVID-19 Support Initiative

We’re here to help 

Lingmo Free Translation APP help during COVID-19

In these uncertain times, there is no greater time than now to communicate and work together.

The ability of frontline workers and first responders to communicate with the community in different languages is essential. To act accordingly a multilingual translation software is required. This is where we can help.

We have established a FREE voice to voice translation APP to help front line workers communicate in 29 languages with those most impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our multilingual software delivers two-way Realtime translation fluently between parties that speak different languages. In our efforts to support the community, we are making our voice to voice translation APP FREE for those workers who rely on communication to aid the community.

We will provide this software in the form of an APP that you can download onto your Android smartphone.

If you are an organisation, start-up or non for profit with staff or volunteers working on the frontline we are here to help you. 


Please contact us to get FREE access to our multilingual translation APP and discuss how we can help you
We are here to support you no matter the size of your organisation.
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How Lingmo’s technology has been transformed to help you in COVID-19

Lingmo’s translation software, trusted by global brands, translates content accurately, contextually and in realtime. Here’s how we can help.

Enterprise level Translation

We want frontline workers to have fluent conversations in multiple languages while helping people during COVID-19. Lingmo’s trusted AI-Powered translation software provides accurate, clear and contextual translations.

Automatic detection of nuances and dialects 

When people are distressed and unsettled their tone and expressions are compromised and translations can be misinterpreted. To overcome this, our system uses AI to help automatically detect nuances and dialects. 

Fully trusted with no IP compromised

Keeping your data safe is our priority. Lingmo does not collect or store your data, so your sensitive data and IP remains solely within your business.


About Lingmo

Lingmo is a language translation software company that helps business translate content in Realtime, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, to help them reach global audiences.

Lingmo was started on the value that people around the world have the right to be heard in their language and communicate in a language they are familiar with. Our vision is to deliver translation solutions to bridge the global language barrier gap and leverage AI to drive seamless interactions between different languages.

Please contact us to get your FREE access to Lingmo Translation APP and discuss how we can help you
We are here to support you no matter the size of your organisation.
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