AI Translation Services for Business

Professional Translation Services for Business

Artificially Intelligent machine translation to localise your business to translate speech and text content in 80 languages.

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Essential Translation Solutions

We provide an essential service to leading global companies by deploying intuitive translation software that focuses on AI, speech recognition, latency and accuracy. 

Realtime Turnaround

Lingmo’s innovative solutions provide Realtime translations allowing you to drive business quickly and effectively while fluently connecting with your global audience.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence combined with our custom built machine translation platform,  we comfortably translate content for businesses all over the world, no matter the volume, no matter the time. 

Native Quality

We translate text and speech content contextually and do not translate word for word.  We provide a professional and accurate service giving you peace of mind that translated information has detected all dialects and nuances.

Enterprise-Grade Translation

Translation Services for Enterprise

There is no limit to content, industry, subject. Whether you need an API integration, a customised solutions or specific terminology training, Lingmo have it covered.

We work with a number of industries including Banking and Finance, Retail and e-Commerce, Media and Publishing, Not for Profit, Technology and more.

API Integration

Translate unlimited amounts of content by integrating our fully automated intuitive AI powered RESTful API with your business system. A cost effective solution.

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Custom Projects

Let us create a customised translation solution for your project using our professional skills to build an adaptable and flexible solution to meet you needs.

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We can train our system to recognise and learn your industry specific terminology. No matter what your industry, it is essential key terminology is translated correctly and accurately. 

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Services, Software and Solutions

Our Translation Service Products

Use our translation services to scale your product and operations, improve your customer service and increase ROI.

View our software, services, solutions and integrations below.

Translation Integrations - Seamless Integration. Smarter Translation. Integrate our AI language translation software with your favourite applications including Zoom


Seamless Integration. Smarter Translation. Integrate our AI language translation software with your favourite applications

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Chatbot Translation - Smart translation solutions for your chatbot

Multilingual Chatbot

Seamless integration with all chatbot platforms. Cover 80 languages with one chatbot. No extra chatbot training required.

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Multilingual Voice Message Translation Software

Voice Message Translation Software

Voice messaging software to converse between different languages. Scale international business with live voice messaging translation.

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Lingmo Translation API Product

Translation API

Lingmo’s RESTful translation API for custom business projects to versatile integrations. Compatible with all enterprise CMS, platforms and applications.

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Cost Effective Translation

Chose a plan that suits your business. Lingmo provides a range of pricing tiers to match your business needs.

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What Languages Can Be Translated?

When your enterprise engages Lingmo, all Lingmo text and voice languages are available for you to utilise and implement. Our business translation solutions come with access to all 80 text languages and 29 voice languages. We don’t limit you to 1, 2, 5 or 10 languages, we believe as your grow your brand globally you need access to all our AI-Powered languages. 

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Global Companies Who Use Lingmo

We have collaborated and partnered with companies all over the world. Let’s add your company to this list.

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