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Instant Translated Captions for Zoom Meetings 

Lingmo Captions provides Realtime translated captions during your Zoom video calls.

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Lingmo Live Captions for Zoom Video Calls

Why Lingmo Captions?

Lingmo Captions leverages our Artificially Intelligent translation software to accurately and instantly translate video audio into text captions for you to read live during your Zoom meeting.

Helps you easily interact with everyone

Even if the people on your Zoom meeting speak other languages you can easily converse with them by reading the live translated captions, so you will always understand what is being said.

Saves you time

We’ve designed Lingmo Captions to automatically detect languages, nuances and dialects meaning you can concentrate on the conversation at hand without worrying about language selection.

Bringing you an essential service

In today’s multicultural world language translation is essential. Our software gives you the flexibility to engage with people all over the world regardless of their spoken language. 

How it Works

Person using Live translated captions on Zoom_ Lingmo Captions

1. Choose your subscription plan

Select your plan from our website.

2. Activate the App

Install and activate Lingmo Captions from Zoom Marketplace.

3. See translated captions

Start a Zoom meeting and turn on captions to retrieve live translated captions.


Professional Translation At Your Finger Tips

Accuracy_About Us_Lingmo


Lingmo use AI to continually improve speech recognition, dialects and nuances. Therefore the translations are contextual translations that are received in Realtime.

AI Adopters_About Us_Lingmo


Lingmo leverage Artificial Intelligence to bring Zoom users the most sophisticated digital  live translation and transcription solutions on the market today. 

Productivity_About Us_Lingmo


Create a driven and productive term that can easily communicate with foreign speaking Zoom customers and stakeholders. Use Lingmo Captions to increase sales and revenue and decrease time and costs.


When will be Lingmo Captions be available?

Lingmo Captions will be available in Q2 2021 for Zoom Pro and Business Account holders and can be downloaded from Zoom Marketplace.

Why use Lingmo Captions?

Lingmo Captions is great for international Zoom business meetings where attendees may not have English as their first language. Lingmo instantly translates live video captions into multiple languages for a more inclusive approach.

What is the difference between Lingmo Captions for Zoom Meetings and Lingmo translate from Zoom Chat?

Lingmo Captions translates live audio feeds into translated captions during a Zoom meeting. Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat translates text messages into the recipients language during a Zoom Chat. The two integrations are separate and not be used cross platform.

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