Lingmo Launches Translation Integration for Zoom Chat to Connect Global Audiences

Lingmo Translate - Realtime AI Translation for Zoom Chat


Lingmo Launches Translation Integration for Zoom Chat to Connect Global Audiences

Collaboration Aids Foreign Speaking Zoom Users to Engage in Conversational Chats in Native Language

July 30, 2020

Lingmo International Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) Translation software today announced an integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. The Lingmo Translate integration enables Zoom Chat users to easily translate and create chats with foreign speaking participants to accommodate everyone’s native language. The translation software gives Zoom users the ability to effectively communicate in their native language and receive translated chats without disrupting the flow of the conversation.

Each chat within the group is translated contextually between 80 languages and 100s of language pairs and leverages AI to contextually translate the chats in Realtime. The software automatically detects nuances, dialect, grammar and slang providing a native quality and culturally enriched translation output. Lingmo’s integration with Zoom helps connect stakeholders who do not share the same language and reduces the chance of miscommunication due to mistranslation.

“Our core focus is to create a translation platform that accurately and fluently translates between different languages in Realtime. Leveraging a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, we recognise the need multilingual technology has in bringing an international audience together on a global scale” said Danny May, CEO of Lingmo. “We understand it has become a priority to connect Zoom users regardless of their native language and our partnership with Zoom has allowed us to support those users while having respect for their mother tongue.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Zoom users are practising social distancing, working remotely and hosting Zoom meetings with their global audience. Adding translation capabilities to Zoom Chat allows these users to continue communicating with their business teams or friends, who may speak a different language, in a contextually accurate manner.

Aleks Swerdlow, Marketplace Product Marketing at Zoom, said, “We’re always looking for ways to give our customers the ability to do more with Zoom. We are excited to have the Lingmo integration go live on our Zoom App Marketplace to help Zoom customers to easily translate any IM in realtime. Language barriers will crumble with Lingmo fuelling global businesses.”

Through the Zoom Marketplace, active users can now add Lingmo Translate to Zoom Chat as a tool for supporting multilingual communication. Once users have downloaded the translation App from the Zoom Marketplace, they will be prompted to select their language to correspond in. Zoom hosts have the ability to select their participant’s languages as well adding enormous value to global users to stay connected with their international stakeholders.

For more information about this integration, please visit the Lingmo Support.

About Lingmo
Lingmo is a leading provider of AI translation and Speech Recognition software enabling enterprise to communicate fluently between multiple languages. Our customised, accurate and scalable translation solutions deliver Realtime multilingual integrations for enriched customer support and improved customer experience. Lingmo helps enterprises overcome their specific business language translation challenges to easily reach a global audience. Find out more about Lingmo visit and follow us @lingmoint.

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