Lingmo Time2Translate FAQs

Lingmo Time2Translate FAQs

What is Lingmo Time2Translate?

Lingmo Time2Translate is a Realtime translation smartwatch that allows face to face conversations to be translated between 2 different language. The smartwatch owner uses the smartwatch as a translator by directly speaking into the smartwatch and hearing the translation played from the smartwatch. The other person can then reply by speaking into the smartwatch. The smartwatch come with 29 languages and 100’s of language pairs.

How does the Time2Translate work?

Time2Translate Smartwatch translates between two languages. On the smartwatch after selecting the desired languages from our 29 languages, the smartwatch is ready to translate. The user presses on the screen of the watch, speaks, releases their finger and the translation is played from the smartwatch. The other person can reply by pressing the smartwatch screen, talking and then release their finger from the screen to play the translation in the first users’ language.

Does Time2Translate use AI to translate?

Yes. Time2Translate is build by Lingmo and leverages IBM Watson from the IBM Cloud. The AI makes the translation contextually accurate, detects nuances and dialects and the AI becomes smarter the more it is used.

What is the difference between the Lifestyle and Executive Smartwatch?

Both the smartwatches can translate between 29 languages. The lifestyle smartwatch has a camera and a slightly smaller battery than the Executive. The Executive has stainless steel case, a leather strap and larger battery capacity. It also has a secondary translation software that allows users to send voice messages to other users who speak a different language and the voice messages are translated into the other users’ languages before they arrive in their inbox. The software called Talk2You can be used between users anywhere in the world.

Does Time2Translate require a smartphone and app to work?

No. Time2Translate works independently from a smartphone and therefore doesn’t need a smartphone or app to work. Time2Translate is operated on an Android operating system and has a SIM port in the rear of the Smartwatch. The smartwatch can use a SIM card or be operated directly from an active WI-FI connection.

Does a SIM Card come with my Time2Translate Smartwatch?

No. You will need a Nano SIM compatible to the country you are in. Why not purchase our Lingmo Travel SIM that works in over 190 countries and gives you incredibly low international roaming rates? Learn more about Lingmo Travel SIM here.

Why does Time2Translate need a SIM card to make it operate?

Time2Translate was designed so the user did not have to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to operate. A SIM Card provides faster translation time however if you are in an area with strong internet connection service the earpieces will also work well with WIF-FI.

How are the quality and accuracy of the translations measured?

Accurate translation is born from having superior speech recognition software. We know there are a number of variances that can affect good translation, so we have built a system that includes noise cancelling array microphone software and AI translation that detects nuances and dialects. Lingmo has several systems in places to continually manage and ensure consistent accurate translations are delivered to our customers. Our audit system checks for accuracy, fluency, terminology, grammar and contextual understanding. Asides from the AI always learning and becoming smarter the more it is used, we also continually perform enhancements to improve the accuracy and translations.

How fast will Time2Translate translate a conversation?

The translation will happen in Realtime depending on the internet connection. For the best results, we recommend using a SIM Card.

What features does the Time2Translate have?

Time2Translate can translate between 29 languages identifying both phrases and statements simultaneously and detecting nuances and dialects.

It is run from the Android Operating System and therefore Time2Translate can make phone calls, send/receive text message, send/receive emails, browser the internet and much more!

Can Time2Translate be used offline?

No, Time2Translate requires an active internet connection.

What do you do if you get a Push Update notification?

From time to time, Lingmo International will send software updates as and when they become available. These updates can be done by following the prompts.

What is the return policy?

If you believe your device is faulty please email us here.

Returns will only be accepted if the entire Time2Translate Smartwatch is received in protective packaging to Lingmo International Pty Ltd, PO Box 6021 West Gosford NSW 2250 Australia. All postage, taxes and import taxes to be covered by the user.

How long is the warranty?

Time2Translate has a 12-month manufacture warranty.

The answer I need is not here, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us and one of our friendly team members who will be able to assist you.

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