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Lingmo Travel SIM

Change countries not SIM Cards


Lingmo Travel SIM International SIM Card

One World. One SIM Card

Works in over 190 Countries

Supported by 600+ Carriers

Calls from $0.20/ min


Lingmo World

Change Countries, Not SIM Card

The Lingmo Travel SIM, an international travel sim, is supported by over 600 networks in 190+ countries, enabling you to stay connected even when you move between multiple destinations. Whether you are travelling for leisure or business purposes, we offer both convenience and flexibility so your overseas roaming experience can be easy and stress-free.

• Prepaid and flexible
• Global coverage
• Multiple network availability
• Freedom to switch to a better performing carrier
• One global phone number
• One size fits all mobile phones and tablets


Save Up to 90% on International Roaming Rates

At Lingmo, we believe in making global connectivity affordable for all. Whether to search the map for directions or sharing memorable moments with friends and family, the Lingmo Travel SIM ensures you can stay seamlessly connected without having to worry about a roaming bill-shock.

Our great process means you can save up to 90% on international calls, text, and data when you travel.

Calls from $0.20/min
Text form $0.15 /Standard SMS
Data from $17GB
Prepaid, no lock-in contract



Save More on Data Roaming

Enjoy low calls, SMS and Data rates in over 190 Countries with our international travel sim 

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Check the Amazing Rates and Coverage 

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Lingmo Travel SIM Support

Multi-Channel Export Support 

Whether you have a quick question or need some help with connecting your international travel sim to a network, you can contact our support team for a reliable, friendly, and professional help. 


Select the best data option for your trip

What are you using your data on? Make sure you understand what your phone is using data for and selection the option best suited for your travelling needs.





Sending or receiving 40 emails with attachments   –  2 MB
Visiting 5 different web pages  –  2 MB
Browsing Facebook for 10 minutes  –  3 MB
Streaming for 10 minutes  –  10 MB
Making a 10 minute call on Skype (standard not video)  –  10 MB
Uploading 10 photos  –  40 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of video on YouTube (standard definition)  –  70 MB    

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