Embracing the Struggles of Startup Life | Podcast

August 2020

Danny May: Embracing the struggles of the startup life

Embracing the Struggles of Startup life Danny May Lingmo

Host – Sadiq Hussain, The Purposeful Mindset

Sadiq Hussain interviews Lingmo’s CEO Danny May. Danny’s intuitive mindset seeks to make the impossible possible and inspires many young people to follow their dreams. His engaging presentations make it easy for people to relate to him as he demonstrates how to push the boundaries in the startup world. In this episode, Danny shares  his Top 5 Actionable Life Lessons which has helped him grow into the teh tech entrepreneur he is today. They are:

1. RESILIENCE – Pull yourself back up again and stay consistent 

2. COMFORT ZONE – Do something uncomfortable daily 

3. LEARN LESSONS – Nothing is a mistake or failure OTHING IS A MISTAKE / FAILURE

4. ASK QUESTIONS – You’ll never know until you ask 

5. EMRACE REJECTIONS – Get used to hearing the word “No”.

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