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Translation for Zoom



  • Lingmo Translate App enables Zoom Chat users to engage in Realtime multilingual conversational chats.
  • Engage in fluent conversations and chats no matter what language users speak.


Installing Lingmo Translate

  1. Go to Zoom Marketplace and navigate to Lingmo Translate app.
  2. Click Install to install Lingmo Translate
  3. You will promoted to sign into your Zoom Account if you are not already
  4. Open up Zoom App on your Smartphone or desktop
  5. Click on Chat and navigate to Lingmo Translate in your contact list
  6. Type ‘register’ in the chat screen and the app will prompt you to enter an email address to receive your translation authorisation code
  7.   You will receive an email containing your unique authorisation code
  8. Type ‘connect’ in the message bar and enter your authorisation code and press enter
  9. Type ‘mylang’ into the chat window to activate the language selection
  10. This command will allow you to set your language (Source language). Use the drop down to select your desired language
  11. Participants in the chat who have also downloaded Lingmo Translate App can select their language. However, the host can also set each user’s target language. If the participant has not downloaded Lingmo Translate App they will receive the translated chats but will not be able to send a translated chat.
  12. To start a chat type ‘/lingmo m’ to activate the translation and then type a chat in your native language.
  13. Users who have the App downloaded will receive the chat as a translated message.
  14. To reply again type ‘/lingmo m’ to activate the translation and then type a chat in your native language

Commands for using Lingmo Translate app

/lingmo m [Your message] – send translated message

/lingmo mylang – choose your own language

/lingmo register – register to use Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat

/lingmo status – status of your authorisation code

/lingmo yourlang – choose other person’s language


Uninstalling Lingmo Translate from your Zoom Account

1. Login into your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Click Manage > Installed App or search for the Lingmo Translate app.

3. Click the Lingmo Translate app.

4. Click Uninstall.

5. Confirm the dialogue and click Uninstall.


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