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What is theT2T translation software?
The T2T translation software translates between two chosen voice to voice languages across 29 languages.

Does a SIM Card come with my Lingmo Time2Translate Smartwatch?
No. You will need to purchase a Nano SIM Card compatible to the region in which you intend to use the device. The Time2Translate device is compatible with both of 3G and 2G networks.

Do I need a Sim card to use Lingmo Time2Translate Smartwatch?
Lingmo Time2Translate requires an active data connection to translate. You can use Lingmo Time2Translate with either cellular connectivity or WiFi connectivity. The choice is yours.

Will it translate my dialect?
Yes. It will also detect your nuances too.

How accurate is the translation?
The translation accuracy is above 85% and The more Lingmo Time2Translate is used the smarter the technology becomes putting words and phrases into context.

How fast will Lingmo Time2Translate translate a conversation?
The average translation time is between 3-5 seconds. Translation time will depend on the connectivity and the speed of the internet provider.

Does Lingmo Time2Translate require a phone app to work.
No. Lingmo Time2Translate smartwatch is fully independent from a smart phone or app and works off a Nano SIM card instead. It does not need a smart device to work. Lingmo Time2Translate is a smart device.

Can Lingmo Time2Translate be used offline?
No. Time2Translate cannot work offline it requires a connection to operate.

What is the batter life on Time2Translate?
Lifestyle – Active Use 4-6 Hours, Intermittent Use 6-10, Hours Standby 32 Hours (Flight Mode)
Executive – Active Use 6-8 Hours, Intermittent Use 10-12, Hours Standby 40 Hours (Flight Mode)

What features does the Lingmo Time2Translate have?
Lingmo Time2Translate can translate 29 languages identifying both phrases and statements simultaneously. It is run from the Android Operating System, so you can use Time2Translate to make phone calls, send/receive text message, send/receive emails, browse the internet, track your fitness and much more! You can download other apps onto the Smartwatch.

Push Updates
From time to time you will be notified to update your Lingmo T2T software via Google Play or The App Store

For further assistance
Please contact talk2me@lingmo.global or refer to our user manuals and tutorial videos.

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