Top 5 tips for starting a successful startup

top 5 tips for startups Danny May CEO Lingmo

By Danny May
CEO Lingmo International

What is an entrepreneurial start-up?

Typically, an entrepreneurial start-up is an emerged business/company sharing the similar aim of meeting a marketplace need and engaging consumers by developing hardware, software, service etc. But people wonder how can your start-up become successful? Danny May, CEO and Founder of Lingmo International shares his top 5 tips for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

Keep looking forward

‘Never give up’! The majority perceive this as a cliché, however, to gain success in a start-up business this statement should be put into continual action. Danny echoes this cliché through all his productivity. He says “when you start something, you will always fall but when you do make sure you fall on your back so you remain looking up and can get up and keep moving forward.” Although it is tough, believe in your start-up, stayed focused on your idea and when you do fall you will grow stronger and learn from the mistake at hand.

Bounce Back

Being an entrepreneur is followed by continual criticism and varied opinions. Therefore, a key to being successful in a start-up is to be strong. Danny says “have tough skin, don’t be damaged by whatever people throw at you.” The key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is passion and dedication. Despite what people say, always believe in yourself and your innovation. Be passionate and once it’s paid off, you can be proud of your achievement. Quite often the people that criticise don’t understand the idea in the first place.

The Vision

Success is purely driven by a vision. Setting a clear vision takes time and involves market research.  It is supported by thinking out of the box and trying new things. Even along your journey, your vision can alter greatly. Also, work with what you’ve got and use your time wisely. Danny believes the difference between someone who is successful and someone ‘who is broke’, is successful people know how to use their time wisely. One thing in common is that we have 24 hours per day but it’s how you use that time productively that confirms how successful you will be.

What is Normal?

Modern society sadly is formed by stereotypes and human categorisation, however, don’t let this stop you from setting out and starting your own business. Just because you don’t have the stereotypical appearance for example of a tradie, a developer or your desired interest, doesn’t mean you can’t do great things in that industry. If you have a driven passion and dedication towards your start-up business, that is all you need. Being a former plumber, I was told that I would not fit into the tech world because I had no experience nor did I ‘look’ like a developer or engineer.

Challenge yourself

You don’t need to have a Harvard Degree to create hardware, technology or a service. You need commitment. Do the research, get the product or service correct, and trial and test each step with external people. Put yourself in the consumers or clients shoes and see it from their eyes. Work in silence, get things done and let the results show.  You may not get it right at first, however, with the right mindset you can achieve great things.

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About Danny May
Danny May co-founded Lingmo International when he was still working full time as a plumber. He formed the Australian translation start-up with no prior knowledge of how to set up a company furthermore, he had no technical industry background.  After a lot of hardwork, research and many late nights, Danny is proud to manage a thriving AI-Powered translation solutions start-up and has a dedicated team who share his vision.  This vision enables Lingmo’s software to break down the global language barrier with their intuitive Realtime translation technology. Danny thrives in mentoring people who are keen to start their own business. His focus areas are fundraising and letting people know you don’t need to be knowledgeable in your chosen industry to form a business.