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Discover the benefits of having a multilingual website. Businesses that offer consumers a choice of langauges on their website add value to their global audience.

Captioning your Zoom meeting is extremely convenient however what happens when your Zoom participants don’t all speak the same language? It can cause the meeting to not run smoothly and the purpose of the meeting can sometimes be lost. Lingmo Captions translates live video captioning into other languages adding even more benefit to your Zoom meeting. Here are 5 reasons why you should use Lingmo Captions for Zoom Meetings.

1. Inclusive culture

To increase collaboration and amplify involvement, Lingmo Captions for Zoom Meetings adds AI and contextually translated captions to your video call. The integration automatically detects the audio from the person speaking then transcribes and translates it into captions for participants to read. Therefore Zooms users can speak multiple languages on the same video call and the captions show in the language each participant speaks. By doing this, the conversation can be understood by each foreign-speaking participant.

2. Removes the language barrier while opening the doors to new international opportunities

The integration is available in Zoom’s nine languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. It works across all languages pairs without needing to be translated to or from English. For example, if four participants were on the Zoom call together and each Zoom participant spoke different languages, let’s say Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese, the audio of the speaker would be translated into captions in each participant’s language.  Lingmo Captions help organisations conduct meetings cross border because the live translated captioning reduces the international language barrier and opens the opportunity for new international partnerships.

2. Gives you live translated captioning.  From live video audio to captions

The need for translated captioning can’t come quick enough! We’ve made Lingmo Captions easy to use, in fact so easy that all you need to do is make sure captioning is on before you have your Zoom meeting. The smart integration will show you translated captions at the bottom of your Zoom screen whenever any of the participant’s speak. Lingmo’s AI software works in real-time so you can quickly understand what is being said. The captioning will only transcribe and translate if Lingmo Captions is activated on your Pro or Business account. Therefore for a small monthly fee, Lingmo Captions has tremendous benefits for today’s modern world.

4. AI and Contextually accurate translations

Lingmo’s smart software contextually and accurately transcribes and translates the speaker’s audio into captions detecting any dialects and nuances. The software automatically shows the captions in the language set on each Zoom users settings meaning they can quickly acknowledge the conversation. Lingmo uses their translation and transcription software rather than Zoom’s for superior accuracy and even delivers accurate translations when slang, jargon and acronyms are used in the audio.

5. A cost-effective way to conducting meetings cross border or with foreign speaking attendees

With much uncertainty around international travel, Lingmo Captions gives you and your business the flexibility to conduct Zoom meetings with international stakeholders. It will save on expensive airfares and translators not to mention time! Lingmo Captions was developed as a cost-effective solution to interact simultaneously between different languages to help you and your business stay on track from anywhere in the world.

Lingmo Captions for Zoom Meetings will be available on the Zoom App Marketplace to Zoom Pro and Business plan subscribers from April 2021. There will be a 7 day free trial and thereafter will cost AUD$27 per month/ user.

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How to use Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat: A step by step guide

Discover the benefits of having a multilingual website. Businesses that offer consumers a choice of langauges on their website add value to their global audience.

An easy to follow guide to implementing Lingmo Translate translation software on your Zoom account

Do you use Zoom Chat and often think how much easier it would be to liaise and chat in your native language? Good news, this step by step guide will explain how you can add a language translation integration called Lingmo Translate to Zoom Chat and chat fluently between multiple languages.

This article will guide you to conduct multilingual chats within the Zoom Chat platform. We’ll also cover the app’s features, commands and pricing plan.

Additionally, we’ll add in links to our demo videos, documentation and contact us page as well as provide 3 tips for using Lingmo Translate.

What is Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat?

The Lingmo Translate App enables Zoom Chat users to engage in Realtime multilingual conversational chats. Users can send and receive chats in their native language. Chats are instantly translated between 80 languages and 100’s of language pairs. This software allows Zoom Chat users to fluently converse in a language familiar to them.

How to use Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat Integration.

Step 1. Sign up to Zoom or login into your Zoom account. Navigate to Solutions and click on App Marketplace.

Step 2. The App Marketplace is where integrations for Zoom are located. In the search bar, type ‘Lingmo Translate’ and press enter. Click on the Lingmo Translate icon to open the page.

Step 3. Next, you will need to Sign in to enable the integration process. Click ‘Sign in to Install’, fill out your criteria and press enter. You will return to the Lingmo Translate screen where you can click  ‘Install’.

Lingmo Translate Zoom App Marketplace

Step 4. Authorize Lingmo Translate to access your Zoom account for integration to start. Click on the ‘Authorize’ button.

Step 5. Open your Zoom App on your smartphone or desktop and navigate to Meet & Chat icon. Lingmo Translate will be visible on your screen menu. There will be a new notification from Lingmo Translate. Click on the Lingmo Translate under Apps.

Step 6. You will see a welcome message from Lingmo Translate. In the message dialogue box type ‘Register’ and press return. You will then be prompted to add your email address to commence a 3 day free trial. Enter your email address on the white page by pressing the pencil icon in the message pop up. Press Save to close the white screen.

Step 7. A Congratulations pop up will display on the screen and prompt you to check your email account to retrieve the unique authorisation code needed to use Lingmo Translate. Retrieve your code and copy it.

Step 8. Go back to the Zoom App and return to the Lingmo Translate window. As explained in your registration email, you will need to type the following into the dialogue box: ‘connect’ and press return.

Step 9. Enter your code into the pop up window by pressing the pencil icon. A white screen will appear for you to paste your code and then press save. You will get a congratulations message confirming you are set up and ready to commence using Lingmo Translate to translate Zoom Chats.

Step 10. To set your language type ‘mylang’ followed by the send icon. The pop-up window will allow you to scroll through the language choices and select your desired language to communicate/chat in. Press ‘select’ to view the languages and press on the desired language. You will receive a Congratulations message to confirm your language is successfully set to your chosen language.

Step 11. Now you are ready to start a chat in your native language. Navigate to your contacts and select a contact to chat with. In the dialogue box type ‘/lingmo m’ followed by your message in your native language. For example. ‘/lingmo m’ bonjour’ and click enter.

Step 12. You will see a new pop up window showing the translation. This will show your language and the language the other person has their Zoom Chat set to. In this example, Chris has set his language to German. The conversation will now flow between French and German. NB: If the other person has not implemented Lingmo Translate they will not see the translated text and will receive the text in your native language only.

3 tips for using Lingmo Translate for Zoom Chat

1.    Lingmo Translate works better if all the people in your chat group have Lingmo Translate implemented. If they do not they will receive chats in your native language with no translation provided.

2.    Always use ‘/lingmo ‘ followed by the command to have a chat translated. A pop up window will remind you of the command after you have typed ‘/lingmo’.

lingmo translate commands for Zoom Chat

3.    You can have unlimited chats with Lingmo Translate each month. Simply subscribe and enjoy the many benefits of having translation implemented on your Zoom Chat. View our pricing for Lingmo Translate.

For more guidelines please watch our Youtube videos, read the Lingmo Translate App document or feel free to contact us.

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Read about Lingmo’s latest innovation and how business can benefit from our AI multilingual customer support solution.

Discover how this Australian startup leveraged AI to create a multilingual customer service software for Live Chat platforms.

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Expand into international markets by using AI-Powered live chat plugin on your website. It translates chat conversations into your customers language in Realtime.

International businesses loose customers each day because they cannot communicate in their native language. Unfortunately, it is a comment we hear all too often from the customers we work with.  According to recent statistics, 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017 worth an estimated USD 2.3 trillion and with projections set to reach USD 4.48 trillion by 2021 it highlights that internet shopping is one of the most popular actives to do online.  Traditionally live chat agents are not multilingual and are unable to provide chat with foreign speaking customers in their native language.  This is not an ideal situation for either party. To overcome this challenge, we have launched an AI-powered live chat agent that converses in multiple languages.

Multilingual Customer Service Representatives

Our Talk2You Chat software is an AI-Powered live chat agent that speaks 80 languages allowing customers and business representatives to speak in their individual native language together.  It enables businesses a way to liaise to foreign speaking customers.

The way Talk2You Chat works is by the customer clicking the live chat pop up box on their business’s website and selecting their language. The live agent is alerted and can start typing in their own native language. The customer will read the text message response in their own native language and so on until communication ends. Essentially both parties can communicate between any of the 80 languages, for example you could have a Hindi speaking customer service representative and a Spanish speaking customer that can converse without even knowing the software is translating their chat. The AI-powered live agent is part of our Talk2You platform that was rolled out earlier this year on our smartwatch Time2Translate and as an App that can be purchased for iOS and Android smart devices. Powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, the chat conversation text is analysed and translated contextually into the recipient’s language alleviating the challenge of any language barriers.

Customers First

This technology is supporting customer service representatives to become global communicators which in turn enables customers to feel appreciated, heard and understood plus allows enterprises to reach new customers and retain existing customers. It puts customer at the centre of business operations.

Customised Solution

Understanding your business terminology is incredibly important, we are able to train the system to recognise your business terminology and key words. For example, a travel booking system would require specific details about bookings and use travel jargon that the AI can be trained to recognise. Our software translates conversations contextually rather than in literal word for word translation, so the impact of the conversation is not lost.

Make that Change

We are changing the way global businesses converse with their customers online and are bringing this service to customer centric industries such as retailers, e-commence, aviation, hotels and travel.  Early adopters are rapidly recognising the huge benefit this technology is having on their business and bottom line.

AI powered technology is entering new heights and our translation technology is giving enterprises a new way to liaise with foreign speaking customers. Our live chat agent can speak 80 of the world’s most popular languages today bridging the gap of communication, imagine what it can do for your business tomorrow?

Are you wanting to expand your customer base and global footprint?

Contact us today to see a demo and learn more about how our customised Talk2You Live Chat software can assist you to grow your customer satisfaction and global footprint easily.

For more information visit our website www.lingmointernational.com

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual