Live Chat Translation: How Industries Can Benefit

By Danny May
CEO, Lingmo International

Discover why Live Chat translation is a necessity for your customer support strategy.

Imagine being able to communicate with your online website visitors who speak a different language and have a seamless Realtime live chat between different languages.

Any industry who markets online needs to communicate with their website visitors and interact with them quickly and efficiently to promote their products and brands. However, what happens to the service and experience when your customer speaks another language? It could mean you lose the sale or there is a huge delay responding which triggers the online visitor to leave the chat and go to a competitor.

Customer experience and engagement is a high priority for most, if not all online businesses so therefore interactions need to be fast and professional no matter what language the customer speaks.

Disrupting traditional Live Chat software

Traditional live chat systems are unable to perform multi-language two-way smart chats. Lingmo have pushed the boundaries to assist companies by understanding their pain points when communicating with customers who speak another language. Our AI-powered live chat translation software enables users to type in their own language and receive instant replies in the same language even if the live chat agent does not speak the customers language.

How Lingmo Live Chat works

Lingmo Live Chat is a multi-language online communication and help desk software that enables your business to interact with your foreign speaking website visitors in 80 languages. The translation software lets your online visitors select their language from a list of 80 languages, type a question into the chat window in their mother tongue and then receive all replies in their native language too.  

The live chat agents receive the chats in their own pre-selected language. This allows the agents to easily and quickly reply to several messages in their own language without trying to decode and translate them. Once the agent has replied, the message in automatically translated back into the online visitor’s language for them to easily and quickly read and respond to.

Benefits of live chat translation for Industries

Implementing Lingmo Live Chat allows industries to interact with foreign speaking website visitors hassle free without worrying about the language barrier.

Below are some key industries who can easily benefit from adding translation to their live chat and reach foreign speaking customers by simply adding our technology to their website or application.

Travel and Accommodation Services

  • Online booking is the preferred choice for travellers
  • Provides a productive communication tool to engage foreign speaking travellers
  • Effective for more than just pre-booking. Good for feedback and checking in on clients
  • Keep customers updated with new destinations, new offers and in-house sales
  • Increase conveniences, build satisfactions, increase sales and cut costs.

Online Healthcare

  • Digital assistance for foreign speaking patients who can’t come into a clinic or practise
  • 24/7 assistance to support foreign speaking patients with small queries or uncertainties
  • Opening the doors to better and more effective communication
  • Physicians can write referrals and maintain follow-up’s regarding outpatients
  • Ease clinic congestion and remain up to date on clinical care


  • Support international online registrations, helps with support and questions 
  • Provide digital assistance from lecturers to assist foreign speaking students
  • Effective tool for feedback and extra tuition
  • Keeps foreign speaking students engaged and on task
  • Increases convenience, diversity and enrolments from overseas
  • Adheres to policies about fair and equal teaching for all enrolled students

E-Commerce Business

  • Engage global online visitors with information and support
  • For e-Commerce, communication is equally as important as sales and marketing
  • Localise content and information to increase brand loyalty and customer experience
  • Offer 80 languages to online visitors to increase their purchase habits
  • Expand into new international markets by speaking online visitors’ languages


  • Interact with foreign speaking investors and customers by answering questions and concerns in Realtime
  • Build a personalised 24/7 service for new and existing customers foreign speaking customers
  • Decrease call volume and wait time
  • Increase conversation rate with online mortgage and bank account applications
  • Recommend products and assist with application process
  • Reduces time of face to face meetings without losing the human touch

Energy and Telcos

  • Instantly support customers by redirecting chats to different departments
  • Increase brand reputation by offering excellent customer service, support and engagement
  • Assist foreign speaking customers quickly and easily
  • Reduce time and improve business productivity
  • Deliver a perfect customer care experience by chatting to online visitors in any of Lingmo’s 80 languages.

Add Live Chat Translation to your Live Chat

Live Chat translation technology enables businesses to:

  • Interact with foreign speaking customers in 80 languages
  • Quickly address customer questions, demands and expectations in any of Lingmo’s 80 languages
  • Increase online sales with foreign speaking website visitors
  • Directly communicate with website visitors in their own language
  • Deliver translated information and assistance in Realtime
  • Improve customer experience and enhance customer care
  • Add a human touch to improve customer engagement
  • Integrate with pre-existing Live Chat and Chatbot/Virtual Assistants

Thinking about bringing language translation solutions to your company?

Digital language translation and speaking with your customers in their own native language is key to scaling business locally and internationally. If you are keen to learn more about Lingmo’s live chat translation software and want to benefit from speaking your customers language, contact us and see how easy it is for your business to start a conversation in 80 languages.

We are AI-Powered translation software solutions experts. Check our services to see how you can take your business global.

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Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Read about Lingmo’s latest innovation and how business can benefit from our AI multilingual customer support solution.

Discover how this Australian startup leveraged AI to create a multilingual customer service software for Live Chat platforms.

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual

Expand into international markets by using AI-Powered live chat plugin on your website. It translates chat conversations into your customers language in Realtime.

International businesses loose customers each day because they cannot communicate in their native language. Unfortunately, it is a comment we hear all too often from the customers we work with.  According to recent statistics, 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017 worth an estimated USD 2.3 trillion and with projections set to reach USD 4.48 trillion by 2021 it highlights that internet shopping is one of the most popular actives to do online.  Traditionally live chat agents are not multilingual and are unable to provide chat with foreign speaking customers in their native language.  This is not an ideal situation for either party. To overcome this challenge, we have launched an AI-powered live chat agent that converses in multiple languages.

Multilingual Customer Service Representatives

Our Talk2You Chat software is an AI-Powered live chat agent that speaks 80 languages allowing customers and business representatives to speak in their individual native language together.  It enables businesses a way to liaise to foreign speaking customers.

The way Talk2You Chat works is by the customer clicking the live chat pop up box on their business’s website and selecting their language. The live agent is alerted and can start typing in their own native language. The customer will read the text message response in their own native language and so on until communication ends. Essentially both parties can communicate between any of the 80 languages, for example you could have a Hindi speaking customer service representative and a Spanish speaking customer that can converse without even knowing the software is translating their chat. The AI-powered live agent is part of our Talk2You platform that was rolled out earlier this year on our smartwatch Time2Translate and as an App that can be purchased for iOS and Android smart devices. Powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, the chat conversation text is analysed and translated contextually into the recipient’s language alleviating the challenge of any language barriers.

Customers First

This technology is supporting customer service representatives to become global communicators which in turn enables customers to feel appreciated, heard and understood plus allows enterprises to reach new customers and retain existing customers. It puts customer at the centre of business operations.

Customised Solution

Understanding your business terminology is incredibly important, we are able to train the system to recognise your business terminology and key words. For example, a travel booking system would require specific details about bookings and use travel jargon that the AI can be trained to recognise. Our software translates conversations contextually rather than in literal word for word translation, so the impact of the conversation is not lost.

Make that Change

We are changing the way global businesses converse with their customers online and are bringing this service to customer centric industries such as retailers, e-commence, aviation, hotels and travel.  Early adopters are rapidly recognising the huge benefit this technology is having on their business and bottom line.

AI powered technology is entering new heights and our translation technology is giving enterprises a new way to liaise with foreign speaking customers. Our live chat agent can speak 80 of the world’s most popular languages today bridging the gap of communication, imagine what it can do for your business tomorrow?

Are you wanting to expand your customer base and global footprint?

Contact us today to see a demo and learn more about how our customised Talk2You Live Chat software can assist you to grow your customer satisfaction and global footprint easily.

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Using AI to make Live Chat Multilingual