6 Reasons A Multilingual Website Benefits your Business

Discover the benefits of having a multilingual website. Businesses that offer consumers a choice of langauges on their website add value to their global audience.

Can a multilingual website really add value? Any business who has a website wants to entice customers to their services, products or solutions. But how do you expand your business to reach new international speaking customers without blowing all your marketing budget?

The answer is simple, you need a multilingual website.

Businesses that offer customers a choice of multiple languages on their website have a real competitive advantage. Read Lingmo’s 6 benefits of why you should take advantage of making your website accessible for everyone.

1. Translating your website is cost-effective

Expanding your business to reach new markets doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, a multilingual website is the most cost-effective and reliable way of engaging customers who speak another language.

By translating your website you can still work towards your global marketing strategy and stay competitive by offering your valuable content in multiple languages.

The thought of offering multilingual content on your website has always been associated with high cost. However, with cost-effective monthly payment schemes now available, your website can be translated directly from your original copy at the click of a button.

2. A multilingual website increases financial productivity

The focus of most businesses is to increase sales. Translating your website is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.  

Customers that can read content in their native language are more likely to purchase from your website. In fact, 46% of website users agreed that if the information was in their native language it provided trust and confidence in the product making them more likely to buy the product.

By localising content, customers are more inclined to connect with your brand because you offer an advantage point compared to your competitors.

3. A multilingual website available to everyone

This may come as a surprise, but English is no longer the universal language of the internet.

As of March 2020, only 25.9% of internet users were English natives. In contrast, 3.4 billion people are from non-English speaking countries.

Most internet users will skip past non-localised websites in preference to sites that offer multiple languages.

Therefore, businesses without a multilingual website are missing out on a large share of potential customers.

4. Expand your potential market

Translating your website into multiple languages is an excellent starting point to increase your company’s global presence.

Your marketing messages will be reached by more people if you localise content which in turn will increase the size of your online audience.

For example, there are more than half a billion Spanish speaking online users currently however, the Latin culture has 10 different Spanish dialects.

With Latin users making up 8% per cent of the Internet population, you would instantly increase traffic to your website simply by translating it into Spanish.

A translated website will enable you to expand into new international markets and reach new target audiences quickly and effectively.

5. Increase international website traffic and SEO

Not so long ago, businesses believed you needed an army of multiple websites each translated into a different language to rank on the Internet. Apart from being time-consuming and expensive, this was a myth. 

Instead, adding languages to your website optimises the chances of it getting picked up by different search engines.

Websites that offer multiple languages will help your business rank internationally.

6. Build brand recognition and trust

Greater awareness of your brand comes from consumer engagement. Therefore, a translated website means more people will come to your website and that increases your brand recognition.

Providing a multilingual website will attract people globally and they will start to associate your brand with a certain need and want. This will be a point of difference and help you gain recognition of your brand and service. Not to mention, set you apart from your competition.

Customers who can understand your content in their language are more likely to tell like-minded people creating familiarity and repeat business.

Furthermore, a website in multiple languages adds credibility to your brand. You can truly become a ‘global’ brand once you offer a multilingual function on your website.

Similarly, if your website is localised, customers will appreciate your understanding of their culture thus, earning their trust.

Localise your website

Now that you are aware of the benefits of translating your website, you can increase web traffic, improve your global brand presence and expand your audience reach.

Lingmo Translator is a translation plugin for WordPress websites that enables content to be contextually translated into 80 languages. Your customers can select their language from the dropdown box located on your website and instantly see your website content and information in their language. Start a FREE TRIAL today and see the benefits of adding translation to your website.