Talk2You FAQ

Talk2You FAQ

How does Talk2You work?
Talk2You uses Lingmo’s technology to send instant voice messages from your language, and can be received by anyone in the world, in one of the 29 languages offered, so long as they also have Talk2You installed on their device.

How do I know if the recipient has received my message?
Once you’ve sent your message, it’ll appear in the chat you’ve got with the recipient. This confirms they’ve received your message.

How do I know that the recipient is receiving my message in their language?
The recipient will have previously selected a language to receive your message in.

Can people from another country get my message?
Yes, you can receive messages anywhere, so long as there is an active network connection.

How long does it take for a recipient to receive a message from across the world?
Sending and receiving messages should be instant, although with poor connections, it may take a couple of connections.

Do you need a SIM card for this software to work or can it work of Wi-Fi?
The Talk2You software can work on either SIM or Wi-Fi Networks.

Will it translate my dialect?
Yes. It will also detect your nuances too.

How accurate is the translation?
Translation accuracy is above 85%

How fast will Talk2You translate a conversation?
Depending on your network connection, Talk2ou can generally translate a conversation within a couple of seconds.

What features does the Talk2You have?
Talk2You offers the ability to send instant voice messages from anywhere in the world to another location in the world, allowing you to have multi-lingual conversations at any time, in near real-time.

Can Talk2You be used offline?
Talk2You requires an active data network connection to work.

How many people can be in a group and how can you tell who is who?
Currently, Talk2You offers up to 1000 people in a group chat, and the users name comes up on the message as it is sent.

For further assistance
Please contact or refer to our user manuals and tutorial videos

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