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Time2Translate FAQs

Quick facts:

1. There is a 1 Year warranty with Time2Translate
2. A full replacement will be provided within 15 days of receipt of the goods if there is problem with Time2Translate. The cost of shipping will be covered by Lingmo.
3. A free maintenance check including replacement of accessories will be conducted within 3 months of receipt of goods if there is a problem found with Time2Translate. The shipping of sending the goods to the Lingmo will be at the cost of the user and Lingmo will cover the cost of shipping the goods back to the user.
4. After three months and within 1 year of receipt of Time2Translate, if a problem is found with Time2Translate, Lingmo will provide a free maintenance check and/or replacement of parts. The shipping of sending the goods to and from Lingmo will be at the cost of the user.
5. Accessories (charging cable, screwdriver and watch box) are not covered under warranty.
6. Wear and Tear, and man-made damage and improper use are not covered by the warranty.

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