Translating information into action: using language technology to fight human trafficking


Translating information into action: using language technology to fight human trafficking

London, UK – April 21, 2020 – STOP THE TRAFFIK and Lingmo International (Lingmo) today announced their collaboration to allow STOP THE TRAFFIK’s innovative STOP APP to be available to an even wider global audience.

STOP THE TRAFFIK, with the assistance of IBM on the user interface, has recently redeveloped their innovative STOP APP.  The app enables anyone who knows, has seen or even heard about a situation they believe to involve human trafficking to share this information in a safe and secure place. 

A crucial element of the redevelopment is the enhanced translation capability.  STOP THE TRAFFIK has partnered with Lingmo, a leading provider of cloud-based AI language translation and voice recognition software that leverages IBM Watson, to achieve this.  The app will utilise Lingmo’s API, provided at-cost, to contextually and accurately translate text and voice STOP APP submissions in multiple languages.  STOP THE TRAFFIK and Lingmo will also collaborate to enhance the translation software’s ability to detect specific nuances and dialects.

Sarah Brown, Head of Research and Intelligence for STOP THE TRAFFIK said “This collaboration is yet another significant step forward in our innovative use of technology to prevent human trafficking.  It will enable us to reach individuals and communities that currently lack avenues for seeking help and sharing information.  This will enhance the ability of STOP THE TRAFFIK and our global partner network to deliver locally-appropriate initiatives to eradicate exploitation.”

Danny May, CEO of Lingmo said “We are really excited to be working with STOP THE TRAFFIK. Lingmo was founded on the basis of helping people and this is a great example of utilising our core values. The partnership with STOP THE TRAFFIK highlights the real need to offer accessibility in 80 languages and encourages foreign speaking people to step forward if they see or hear anything sinister.”

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a pioneer in human trafficking prevention.  They use data and technology to identify global hotspots, trends and vulnerabilities.  These insights are then applied by both them and their partners to deliver intelligence-led, targeted responses.  To learn more about STOP THE TRAFFIK and download the STOP APP visit

About Lingmo
Lingmo International (Lingmo) develops smart language translation and voice recognition software solutions to enable global businesses to communicate cross border in multiple languages. Leveraging AI capabilities and building powerful scalable solutions, Lingmo’s Realtime translation technology delivers customised outcomes to overcome specific business challenges.  To find out more about Lingmo visit

Translating Information into Action

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