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Chatbot Translation API

Automate your chatbot to deliver multilingual support and service your audience in multiple languages

$0.45 AUD

per 1000 words translated per month


Translation API in 80 Languages 

Business Booming? Convert even more customers by adding Lingmo translation API to your chatbot

Increase audience reach by augmenting your chatbot to deliver multilingual chats. With our scalable translation application your chatbot can deliver chats in different languages and help increase your brand awareness. Improve your customer service today by implementing Lingmo AI-powered translation API. You can even try before you buy.

Lingmo translation software for chatbots. Multilingual Chatbot. Fluent in 80 languages

Simple Integration

Translation For Every Chatbot

We have designed our translation API to integrate with any Chatbot software without disrupting your work flow. We make it simple for your company to easily make your bot multilingual.


Multilingual Chatbot

Automate Your Chatbot To Converse In 80 Languages

There is no need to build an army of chatbots in every language. Save time by automating your chatbot to be fluent in 80 languages with our AI-Powered chatbot translation software. Never miss another foreign speaking customer query again. Train your chatbot in any language and allow consumers the freedom to choose their native language to chat with the bot in. Instant responses are delivered back in the consumer’s native language.

Let us help you make your chatbot multilingual today!

How it works

Easy To Use. Realtime Translation

Lingmo’s translation API easily integrates with any chatbot software and delivers responses in the consumers chosen language in Realtime.

chatbot langauge translation building image

Train your chatbot in your preferred language – our software allows you to train in any of our 80 languages – not just English!

chatbot langauge selection image

Your chatbot will automatically and contextually translate incoming messages into the targeted response language 

Translation Software for Chatbots - API Documentation

Using AI Technology, the chatbot delivers the responses back to your consumer in their native language

Lingmo Translation API for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered translation makes you sound like a local

Lingmo’s AI-powered translation software automatically detects nuances, dialects, slang and grammar so you can rest assure that your bot will deliver native-sounding translation.  Lingmo combines artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to ensure translations are contextually accurate every time. 


$0.45 AUD

per 1000 words per month

 Integrate our Multilingual Translation API. Translate Chatbot Chats simultaneously .

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Lingmo’s Translation API for Chatbots

  • Do I need to train or build my chatbot in 80 languages?

    No, you just train your chatbot in your own language as you usually would. Our translation software will translate between the user enquiry and chatbot answer.

  • How many languages are available?

    Currently we have 80 languages to choose from. Consumers and customer service agents can each choose their own languages respectively to conduct Live Chat chats in. See our full list of languages here

  • Not found the answer to your question?

    We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us and one of our friendly team members will be in contact.

Let us show you today how easy it is to make your chatbot multilingual

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