Melia Hotel: Improving customer service with realtime on-edge translation

Improving Customer Service with Realtime On-Edge Translation 

Lingmo to add their translation technology software to the edge of Melia Hotel’s 5G network enabling hotel staff to fluently liaise with international hotel guests in multiple languages. 


The innovative hotel chain, Melia recognise that being able to communicate fluently with hotel guests who speak another language is essential to their business. To over come their language barrier challenges, Lingmo will partner with Melia, Ericsson, Intel and Telefonica to provide simultaneously face to face translation with guests who speak another language.

Using Telefoncia’s 5G services, Lingmo will provide Melia with low latency voice translation software that will be integrated onto their inhouse devices enabling hotel staff to converse simultaneously with guests across multiple languages. The 5G connectivity will increase the speed of the AI translation without comprising the accuracy of the contextually rich audio output. 

The encrypted source audio is sent to Lingmo’s translation server’s, provided by Intel, on the operator’s Edge Computing servers, whereby the audio is transcribed and translated into the target language.


  • Simultaneous voice to voice translation software to be used to communicate with hotel guests in high traffic areas within the hotel including check-in, room service and hotel restaurant.
  • Realtime translation for conferences held within the hotel enabling attendees to receive transcribed and translated captions on their devices in their chosen language. 

“As a worldwide hotel brand, the global diversity of our customers attending events or staying with us is huge. Being able to effectively communicate with anyone, in any language, in real time, is priceless.”

Chris Palomino, Global IT Vice president at Meliá Hotels International

Lingmo provide simultaneous translation for Melia Hotels

Translating over 5G network Lingmo and Telefonica partnership


Telefonica logo

Telefonica logo

Intel logo for Lingmo International

Ericcson logo for Lingmo language translation

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Watch this video to understand how Melia hotel is using innovation and language translation to make a real difference in customer service.

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