Telefonica: Simultaneous Translation on edge of the 5G network

Providing simultaneous translation on the edge of the operator’s 5G network

Telefoncia’s 5G network has enabled Lingmo to significantly reduce the latency of our translation software. This means Lingmo can now translate voice to voice, voice to text and text to voice translations simultaneously without delay and without comprising the accuracy of the context.


5G network capabilities low latency has enabled fluent face to face conversations between people who speak different languages when using our applications integrated onto the operator’s many platforms. Leveraging 5G connectivity means our translation service can simultaneously translate between 80 languages using Artificial Intelligence to accurately and contextually translate audio into the desired target language.

The encrypted source audio is sent to Lingmo’s translation server’s, provided by Intel, on the operator’s Edge Computing servers, whereby the audio is transcribed and translated into the target language.


  • Face to face simultaneously translated conversations between people who speak different languages.
  • Digital translation for conferences whereby attendees can read the speaker’s speech live in their native language through a Lingmo application.
  • Instant voice messaging services translated in user’s desired language.

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Translating over 5G network Lingmo and Telefonica partnership

Lingmo Technology Used:

Simultaneous Translation API (Customisable)


Telefonica logo

Telefonica logo

Telefonica logo

Watch a demo of our translation application translating simultaneously over 5G from the Telefonica Innovation Lab in Madrid, Spain

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Read the UneeQ use case

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