UneeQ: Translation unlocks capability for Digital Health Advisor to fluently converse in multiple languages

Translation unlocks the capability for customer service digital health advisor to fluently converse in multiple languages


The ability to communicate in an end user’s native language is essential for the accurate delivery of important information and content, such as healthcare.

This was the case for UneeQ’s digital health advisor Sophie, who was created to inform and advise people about Coronavirus. However, Sophie was only trained to communicate in English. This restriction limited the scalability of the project because the quest of the digital health advisor was to reach as many people as possible.

UneeQ, who build and humanise digital humans to converse with end users on many topics identified Lingmo as the company to overcome this challenge. For Uneeq, Lingmo integrated four Artificially Intelligent languages; Japanese, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese enabling Sophie to fluently converse multilingually. This meant that UneeQ didn’t need to build an army of digital humans in different languages, instead, Lingmo’s chatbot translation application translated the speech and text content between the end user and digital human in Realtime.

Lingmo’s speech to text, text to text and text to speech and provides low latency, high accuracy and fast delivery. With the use of Lingmo’s translation service for chatbots combined with AI, UneeQ now educates global users with accurate, native quality health care information.


  • Fluently translated voice to voice conversations between users and the digital health advisor.

  • AI software to accurately detect nuances, dialects, and contextual understanding.

  • Instant translated captioning displayed on the screen in addition to hearing replies.

Lingmo Technology Used:

Lingmo Multilingual Chatbot Software

Lingmo allows UneeQ's digital health advisor to communicate in multiple languages


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Try chatting to Sophie in Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese or English and she can help answer your questions about Covid-19.

Simply select the language you would like to chat to Sophie in by pressing the arrow next to the flag to select your preferred language. 

Try Demo in English >

Try Demo in Spanish >

Try  Demo in Dutch >

Try Demo in Japanese >

Try Demo in Portuguese >

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